OMW (Original Music Workshop) is a Brooklyn based non-profit that provides state of the art facilities and support to a wide range of composers, musicians, and emerging talent.

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As an artistic incubator, Original Music Workshop, a new space set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and slated to open in 2015, offers space and support to both composers, musicians and artists across genres for rehearsal, recording, editing, performance, and dissemination. OMW will serve the 21st century artist, one who is mostly artist but often part entrepreneur, educator and activist.


Led by Founder Kevin Dolan and Creative Director Paola Prestini, a dedicated team of individuals have worked together to bring the Original Music Workshop to fruition.

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The Building

Constructed within a hundred-year-old, brick sawdust factory, the OMW facility designed by Bureau V preserves a piece of Williamsburg's century-old industrial past while inserting within it a 21st century performance space.

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